I grew up building and designing things as a child. By the time I was 14 I had built over five different tree houses, one woodworking shop and many  small pieces of furniture out of reclaimed wood from around the farm . I have re-furbished a few houses and a couple of apartments my passion is making furniture.

I have built & designed Dressers, Beds, Tables, Shelves, Bookcases and more. My wife Brandi is a great support and has an amazing eye for design she also makes soaps and essential oils.

I am one man not a huge company.  I am a husband, a father and an artist. My wife and 3 kids are my inspiration and happiness. I create things because I love to do it. I don’t mass produce anything.

Why choose me? Wood expands and contracts with changes in the surrounding humidity and to a lesser degree the temperature. I use 100 year old joinery techniques that have been proven to last a lifetime.

If your looking for a custom built piece of furniture or help with a graphics project contact me today.

Alex D. Frederick